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1.      Appreciating the role of Rumah Seri Kenangan
In our observation, all folks have been taking care in a very good condition with all the well- equipped facilities. For example, wardens will help old folks with inability to do their routine. Therefore, as we can see, for them to live in that home care is billions better –a place of no better choice- than been neglected by their children.

2.      Never commits the same mistake as others children had done by abandon their parents.
During the short visit, we keep on asking that how someone could even has the heart to abandon a person who has given so much love to them? Or to be specific a person who have brought them into the world? Do they never think all the sacrifices that their parents had did to them. All in all, it teaches us to become a better person to our parents and make up our mind that never ever abandon them in whatever condition.

3.      Be independent : never depends on others
Furthermore, we also found that some of the occupants of the home care really do have talents and skills that cannot be question. For example, some folk ladies know how to sew and by doing so, it can be sold thus can generate their income. Despite the inability, they still depend on their own to earn a living in order to get a better life, thus they never give up to continue their life.

Learning Outcomes: Talk session “Bagaimana mencari bahagia” by Ustaz Faisal Mustafa

1.      Avoid negative thinking and attitude – be positive minded!
Guest speaker - Ustaz Faisal (zakat state officer) did mention about the bad attitude that always lingered in society from ages until now. His speech was so interesting for he added with singing (a bit) to deliver the meaning behind his speech. He said that ‘envy’ always be the strong element among society. Envy to the worse can prevent happiness.
He illustrates the situation of envy by telling a great story. Hence, impliedly, the story of – “Tiga budak hitam” teaches us not to practice envy because of the consequences behind it. One day they made a journey and reached to a desert.  On their way, they found a miracle lamp where a genie was trapped in. They then freed the genie. As a reward for the freedom, the genie will grant their wishes. The first black people wanted to be fair, the second asked to be fairer than the first one.  When it came to the third one, he asked to be fairest than his both friends. The genie refused to do so for the reason that the second one was the fairest and he cannot grant the third one’s wish as he has limited power. Shockingly, the third one asked the genie to turn back them to be black because he envied his friends. Then they all became black again. The moral that we can take from this story (according to Ustaz Faisal), when envy possessed in one’s heart, he will do anything to undermine anyone else and try to put himself in pedestal level more than anyone else. Another practical example that uses to be happen in real life is in neighborhood situation, when one buys a brand new car, another will saw it with envy heart.

2.      Patient: the key of life!
Ustaz Faisal also mentioned about patient. He said that when we want something we have to wait patiently. Sometimes God heard our prayers but He actually wanted to see us whether we are strong enough to wait for the outcome. He then came out with a true story that happened currently. The story was about a new-wed couple. One day, they went to supermarket, when they reached at dishes site the wife eagerly wanted to buy them but the husband refused by reason that they already have a lot of dishes and it such a waste if they buying them. The wife kept asking until they went home. The husband then went to mosque, when he came back home he found that his wife was committed suicide.  Ustaz Faisal said patient is the key of life. Hence, if we lose the patience then it will lead our hearts to something that is wrong.

3.      God is the place to turn to when we are in despair or losing hope
Believing in God is very important. He said that when we have problem, live in despair, lose hope or has no one to turn to, then seek and pray to God. In difficulties, we need someone to lean on. The best possible method when we are in despair is pray to God. God never leaves us alone and always heard us. In Malaysia we are living in multi ethnic society with different religions. It is to be notes that despite the differences of believe, do not forget our God in whatever positions you as it is the key of happiness and success.

some of them are not reluctant to share their experiences

sharing the happiness with them
with my batchmates "geng gossiping"!!

dgn mak cik ecah @aisyah

mak cik & pak cik kat sana sume pandai buat "peace yorrr"..hehe

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